Phil GebbenGreen, Co-Pastor

Julie GebbenGreen, Co-Pastor

Deb Carlson, Music Director

Lois Glewwe, Administrator


Marisol Guevara, Housekeeper

Phil GebbenGreen and his wife Julie bring us the services of a dynamic ministry couple—a first for EPC. Phil loves worship planning and leadership, preaching, church music, and Bible study. In the Presbyterian world, Phil is working to encourage peaceful and gracious conversations about controversial and tricky topics, employing his training in non-violent communication where possible. Phil is also the handyman at EPC, and he enjoys working with his hands and varying his day between spiritual and physical endeavors. This is reflected in his hobbies that include weightlifting and reading, cooking and movies, and then some more reading (preferably fantasy, history, or a good novel). Phil and Julie have three children: Isaac, Micah, and Lydia.

Julie GebbenGreen enjoys serving in a Presbyterian Church as a co-pastor with her husband, Phil. Julie uses her gift of hospitality to reach out to new members and folk of our community, most recently EPC’s next door neighbor, Highland Park High School. At the same time, she is a Christian mystic who searches deep within her own soul for connection with God and insight from scripture as she preaches, leads prayers, and introduces EPC to various disciplines of faith. Julie is also passionate about the health of organizations, and she works with a Presbytery committee that helps pastors and churches in their daily lives and in crisis situations.

Julie not only raises three children, but also raises chickens in her backyard in St. Paul’s Midway neighborhood. She volunteers at her children’s school and her local library while wearing out her library card. She helped bring Paint the Pavement ( to St. Paul and to her neighborhood and loves to think about and be active in placemaking. She recently ran in her first 5k race and rediscovered her love of doing fabric art.

Deb Carlson has been making and studying music her whole life, beginning to compose music and imagine worship services since childhood.  She's been singing with the Edgcumbe Church choir for the last 4 years and has been their Music Director since September of 2012.  Deb not only sings and plays and writes music with her whole heart and soul, she also loves to make music with others--encouraging everyone to join along as we share our gifts together.  In October of 2012 Deb released her 1st CD named "Tresses of Green."  The CD was a dream of hers since childhood.  Deb also loves to garden and lives in Roseville with her husband Bob and children Audrey and Chet.  Beside making music at EPC Deb sings and plays her guitar for the Tuesday lunch crowd at the Hampden Park Coop.

Lois Glewwe (pronounced “Glevy”) began staffing the office as our interim administrator on October 15, 2014. Lois is the former administrator at Kairos and Associates, a Christian Resource Development firm in St. Paul. She retired in February after ten years with Kairos and nearly 20 years of experience in church administration. She is currently the Financial Secretary and serves as an Elder at First Presbyterian Church of South St. Paul.

By day Marisol Guevara works for Edgcumbe Montessori School as a teacher. In the evenings you are likely to find her, and her family, here cleaning the church. She has been on our staff since 2008 and does an exceptional job keeping our building clean given the many events that take place here daily.


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