By encountering Christ in our church,
we share God's Word in the community to heal and change lives.


In the mid-fifties the Presbyterian Church established a new church in the growing Highland Park neighborhood. On January 11, 1954, Edgcumbe Presbyterian Church's first worship service was held in a private home on Cleveland Ave. In October of 1955 the cornerstone of our current home was laid, and we moved into our building in March of 1956. Sixty years later, Edgcumbe Presbyterian Church (EPC) is still a small community church that cares about their members and their community and the mission of Jesus Christ. EPC part of the larger denomination, Presbyterian Church (USA), and serves in the Presbytery of the Twin Cities Area, as well as the Synod of Lakes and Prairies.


We are small (less than 50 members), active and welcoming, seeking to live out our mission as followers of Jesus Christ. We welcome everyone from all walks of life, all ages, and all faith backgrounds. We have fun in our worship services and you will find the services to be a nice mix of traditional and contemporary styles of music, messages, and prayers. We ask you to come as you are, no need to "dress up" for God, (unless you want to). Here at Edgcumbe Presbyterian Church we practice "open communion," meaning all are welcome to participate fully in the fellowship at the Lord's Table; you need only be hungry for the love of Jesus Christ. Our worship service is at 10 AM on Sundays, followed by fellowship time. EPC is blessed to be located on one of the most beautiful properties in Highland Park and during the summer months we have monthly services in the woods behind the church, in our natural outdoor sanctuary. A labyrinth for reflection and meditation is nestled in the adjacent woods. Check our newsletter for dates of outdoor services. Our pastors are Julie and Phil GebbenGreen, a married couple with three children and a good fit with our community. You can never really get a feel for a church strictly from a website, so we warmly invite you to stop in on a Sunday for 10 AM worship and experience our church for yourself. We hope to see you soon!

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