Racial Justice and Me
A racial justice initiative at EPC

Welcome to the Racial Justice and Me (RJAM) Page!
We invite ALL EPC members to explore the Education Resource document located on this page.
It is full of interesting, thought provoking, and enlightening information about Racial Justice.
It includes articles, videos, podcasts, books, and movie resources.

    >check out this resource with thought and prayer
    >be open to what the Spirit is calling you to focus on for a education goal
    >make a pledge to use one of these resources or one of your own to learn more about Racial Justice
    >be willing to share with others what you have learned (this can be one on one or small group)

This is just a start.... Let's see where the Spirit takes us!



Racial Justice and Me Pledge

 "He has told you, human one, what is good and
what the Lord requires from you:
to do justice, embrace faithful love, and walk humbly with your God."
 -Micah 6:8

 Racial Justice and Me Pledge Link: https://forms.gle/CaueSZoWxzr639Fu9
Deadline for Survey:  August 26, 2020

As you have been hearing over the past few weeks, our Session has created the “Racial Justice and Me Work Group,” as part of Edgcumbe Presbyterian Church's continued effort to live into God's word. The RJAM work group has been tasked with bringing education, discussion, and action surrounding racism and racial justice to our congregation. Our work group intends to bring education in these two ways:

1) Through our own six week process of learning, discussion, and action within the EPC community. http://www.epchurch.org/rjam.html

2) Through the Presbytery of the Twin Cities Area's Anti-Racism Spiritual Pilgrimage which will involve a year-long process of learning, discussion, and action with our larger church community.  https://anti-racism-ptca.weebly.com/2020-2021-spiritual-pilgrimage.html

We are asking every member and friend of Edgcumbe Presbyterian Church to prayerfully consider joining us in this journey. Your level of participation is up to you – you can participate in whole or in part with the education and discussions within our immediate community, or you can go all in and commit to the year-long pilgrimage along with other congregations in our Presbytery. We expect that both processes will intertwine with each other and knowledge will be learned and shared with both groups.

To start this off, we are asking you to fill out a “pledge”
 to participate in some fashion and answer a short survey so that we know where your interests are, and can help point you in your learning goal. The link to that pledge is the first link above.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact any of the members of RJAM work group below.
Eleta: eleta.pierce@gmail.com
Leslie: leslie.snow@q.com
Liz & Rich: lrschiferl@gmail.com
Connie: spear011@umn.edu
Pastor Luna: pastorlunagg@gmail.com

Thank you for considering this journey!
RJAM Work Group


The PTCA Anti-Racism Spiritual Pilgrimage is a yearlong journey of: 

  • deepening our engagement with the racial history of Minnesota and Western Wisconsin 
  • using personal reflection and small groups to practice spiritual skills for anti-racist living 
  • taking action in solidarity with Black, Indigenous and other People of Color who are our neighbors in the community

From September 2020-May 2021, we’ll journey together to deepen and strengthen our capacities for the lifelong work of undoing systems of privilege and internalized racism. 

Full details and registration link available at: 


​Registration closes August 28. However, we ask that all participants register as soon as possible to assist with planning for small groups. 


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