Mission and Outreach

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Plaster House: Plaster (as in plaster cast) House is a short to intermediate term care facility for children recovering from orthopedic, plastic or neuro surgery in Arusha, Tanzania.

Joseph's Coat: A large bucket at the main entrance of our church is for collection of gently used clothing which we send on to Joseph's Coat on West. 7th St., a charity which provides clothing free to anyone in need.

Food Shelf: EPC has a direct food ministry shelves located prominently in the Narthex and labelled "If you need it, take it. If you have it, give it." Offerings of canned goods, personal hygiene products and a survival resource, Handbook for the Streets, can be found there at any time the church doors are open.

Christmas Offerings: Every year, our church trims a Christmas tree with pajamas and socks for children and parents served by the St. Paul Area Council of Churches Project Home, an emergency shelter for homeless families of Ramsey County. The Christmas Eve plate offering goes to a mission project which varies from year to year.

Cellphone Collection: Throughout the year used cell phones, cell phone batteries, chargers and accessories are collected for the St. Paul Crisis Intervention Project which repairs them and distributes them to victims of domestic violence for emergency use through the St. Paul Police Department.

Highland High School: School Tools for our neighboring high school's students are collected in the Fall and delivered with flowers and treats for the staff as the year kicks off. Our doors are opened to the staff and students as well when the need arises for a gathering space set apart from their building and art work from the Senior High art classes is displayed in the ArtPlayce exhibition spaces.

Denominational Mission Giving: Each year, we give money to our denomination for mission projects of the Presbytery of the Twin Cities, the Synod and the Presbyterian Church (USA). Examples of 2013 local projects include the Trauma and Support for Children/Youth of Kwanzaa Presbyterian/Minneapolis which provided food funds, help with damaged vehicles, transitional housing, and other services following a devastating tornado. Another was the funding of a washer/dryer for the Dayton Ave Presbyterian Church's Clothing Center so that donated clothing can be washed by volunteers before distribution to community members in need. Another project funded was an After-School program at First Presbyterian Church in Albert Lea, MN.

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