March 1, 2015

A sermon on the bible passage Mark 1:9-15
Pastor Julie Gebben-Green
and a discussion with Artist-in-Residence Matt Holm

March 8, 2015

Testimony at EPC 3/8/2015:

The concerns of the world, society, the news affect me less.

How has the Holy Spirit changed me? I feel I can be myself in this place. I feel loved and supported here, and liked.

I am learning to trust God with my life rather than my own ego, my own desire to control. I am becoming more honest and transparent in the right now.

Trusting that I can share ‘my’ creative process publicly.

I came to Edgcumbe and sat in the back pew’ telling the pastors I do not make commitments, but I will just attend. Five years later, this is home. The EPC people have loved me for who I am, for my flaws, my uniqueness, my love and pain and victories. Thank you EPC.

I am more able to see the connectivity of events and daily life.

I, too, have grown into my calling from God. I have also learned to put it into God’s hands—even if I struggle sometimes.

Commitment. Camaraderie. Consistency.

Learned more about myself and my spiritual journey. Unlike many churches Edgcumbe has taught the messages in a way that lets people think different things from the same bible passage; this has let me grow in my own way of faith and helped me grow in faith.

Being involved at Edgcumbe has given me a sense of purpose. It has provided a sense of peace and gratefulness.

I have changed my habits of coming to church because EPC has brought me closer to God.

March 15, 2015

A sermon on the bible passage Mark 1:14-21

March 22, 2015
Click here for a sermon on the bible passage: John 12:20-33


Click here for a second conversation with Artist-in-Residence Matt Holm




March 29, 2015






Above left: An image of an original painting for Lent by Matt Holm
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