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We are an active, intimate fellowship seeking to be faithful disciples through celebration, study, prayer and service.

We are an inclusive community where all persons of differing backgrounds and life situations are welcome.

We are a committed people who serve Jesus Christ through outreach and community involvement, worship and study.

Our mission:
By encountering Christ in our church, we
share God’s Word in the community to heal
and change lives

A long tradition at Edgcumbe Presbyterian, our volunteers serve Thanksgiving Dinner at the Montreal High Rise.

Our location: Edgcumbe Road 1 block west of South Snelling Avenue and immediately west of Highland High School. Click the map above to see an interactive map.

Edgcumbe Presbyterian Church
Midweek Update – December 5, 2018

Here is one thing you may not know about the New Testament. It hardly talks about the Baby Jesus at all. Matthew 1 and Luke 2 and that’s it. There are a few references to Jesus “made flesh,” which might assume baby-hood, but not necessarily. The Gospels of Mark and John both skip the birth story altogether. The Apostle Paul, who wrote most of the NT, apparently was kind of a Grinch when it came to the Christmas spirit because of his blatant disregard for all things Baby-Jesus.
So what does the Bible say about Jesus? We looked at 1 Thessalonians 3 this past Sunday, where Paul says that living in Jesus leads to things like GRATITUDE and PRAYER and TRUST and JOY and LOVE. Those words (unlike “Baby Jesus”) are so common in the Bible that we almost start to wonder if there might be a theme developing. Like, maybe God wants our lives to be filled, not so much with babies (although they are pretty cute), but with joy and gratitude and love. These are the GIFTS of Jesus—we don’t create them; we just receive them.
Happy Advent. Even to cute Baby Jesus.

• Sunday, Dec. 9 – Advent 2, Julie preaching
• Sunday, Dec. 16 – Advent 3 & Carol sing-a-long, Phil preaching
• Sunday, Dec. 23 – Advent 4, Julie preaching
• Monday, Dec. 24 – Christmas Eve candlelight communion worship at 4:00 pm
• Sunday, Dec. 30 – Elder-led worship with the GebbenGreens in Michigan.

Bring candles! Bring us your tired, your poor, your old stubs of candles:
Whatever you have lying around. It will all be incorporated into a sculpture of light during this darkest time of the year.
Bring art. IF you have a bit of hang-able artwork that represents advent, light, dark, waiting, or any other theme that you associate with advent, we would like to hang it in the sanctuary.
Contact Carol with questions: or 651-468-9888.

One of the conversations that came up at the Worship & Arts meeting was whether people were interested in a Bible Study (with Pastor Phil), and/or an ongoing Adult Sunday School class with various topics (centering prayer, Enneagram, how to read the Bible without wanting to poke out your eyeballs, book studies, A Course in Miracles, etc.). Over the next weeks, we will have a survey at church for you to fill out your input, interest, and open time slots.

Please note that all contributions for 2018 must be either received in the church office by 12/31/18 or postmarked by 12/31/18 in order to qualify as a tax-deductible donation for the current year. The same deadline also applies for gifts of stock and securities.
If you have questions about giving or church finances, please contact either Treasurer Ron Eggert at or Office Manager Krysta Niznick at or 651-698-8220.

We said goodbye to Lois last week, which means today is Krysta’s first day solo on the job. For such a small church, we have a bunch of details to keep track of, financial and administrative, so we are very grateful to have Krysta on board to help us out. Krysta’s office hours will remain Wednesday afternoons 12 noon – 3 pm. Stop in and say hello or feel free to send her an email (which is unchanged from when Lois was here).

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