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Youth Service 14.January.2018

Our location: Edgcumbe Road 1 block west of South Snelling Avenue and immediately west of Highland High School. Click the map above to see an interactive map.

Edgcumbe Presbyterian Church
Midweek Update--January 17, 2018

I have two things to say about Comfort and Joy. One, the youth did such a fantastic job with worship last week. One visitor told me that the service was the perfect antidote to January in Minnesota for her. Great job, Youths!! I’m also noticing that we had three walk-in visitors.
Two, I am having a blast reading the Sports section of the Pioneer Press after the Vikings stunning last-second victory on Sunday. The play and the win are very exciting, of course; but the most interesting thing to me is the absolute, unalloyed JOY that is being expressed by fans and players and even the reporters. The usual sport metaphors aren’t even working for this situation. Instead everyone is using spiritual language: “It’s a miracle!” “The curse has turned into a blessing!” “I just give thanks to God; I don’t even know what happened.” I’m not making fun of this language. I’m noticing that Minnesotans are not usually this joyful or this spiritual in the way that they talk.
So here’s your invitation today. Let yourself feel joy. Go ahead and jump and scream like a Viking’s fan if you want, but at least let a smile creep over your face. Don’t worry about whether something bad will happen or whether the Vikes will win next weekend. Just notice something that brings you joy and let that happiness go all the way into your heart and soul. It is harder than it sounds, but we are wired for joy by God so it is your birthright to feel it. You should feel free to turn this “Joy-noticing” into a daily practice.

On the day of that big athletic event that may or may not include the Vikings, EPC is having our Annual Meeting. We have one of these each year in late January or early February to check in about past year and give God thanks for the ministry of this congregation. We plan to share most of the reports during worship, followed by a short meeting to give the budget report and vote to renew the pastors’ contract. That leaves plenty of time for nachos and the big athletic event (which starts at 5:30pm).
We hope to have the Annual Reports ready for preview this Sunday, Jan. 21, or for sure by the next week.


Bring in a piece or two of your artwork or the work of a member of your family. Art work can be painting, photographs, drawings, fabric work, carving, etc. Anything along as it will hang on the wall.
This show will be up from January 21st through the end of February. If you have questions please contact Carol at 651 468-9888

Our Presbytery is sponsoring a mission trip to the the Baton Rogue area to assist in disaster clean-up in early April. The total cost of the trip is only $150. If this opportunity might interest you, see the letter copied at the bottom of this Update.

O People of God, rejoice and be glad! Since we can’t mope about the Vikings, why not enjoy your life right now? The Presbytery mission trip letter can be seen on the Midweek Update page in the navigation bar. Pastor Phil

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