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Edgcumbe Presbyterian Church
Midweek Update – July 17, 2019

In this issue:
• Only One Thing
• Pastor Julie’s last week on Camino
• Pastor vacation next week
• Bible Study & Centering Prayer
• Habitat for Humanity

In Luke 10, when Jesus goes to the home of Mary and Martha, Martha does all the cooking while Mary sits and listens to Jesus. When Martha complains about the unfairness of this, Jesus says to her: “Martha, Martha, you are worried and distracted by many things. Only one thing is needed.”
Very typically for Jesus, he does not say what the “one thing” is. As in the parables, Jesus leaves the interpretation up to us. For another example, here is conversation from the movie City Slickers between main character Mitch (Billy Crystal) and wizened old cowboy Curly (Jack Palance):
Curly: Do you know what the secret of life is? [holds up one finger] This.
Mitch: Your finger?
Curly: One thing. Just one thing. You stick to that and the rest don't mean sh*t.
Mitch: But, what is the "one thing?"
Curly: [smiles] That's what *you* have to find out.
So now I ask you: What is the one thing you need? What is the thing that gives your life focus or purpose or meaning? What is the thing that makes you you or that gets you up in the morning? Do you know? Have you thought about it? Like Martha in Luke 10 or Mitch in City Slickers, it is very easy to live a distracted life that is disconnected from a real sense of purpose.
This Sunday at worship, we will explore Luke 10, we will watch City Slickers (kidding!), and we’ll talk about the One Thing.

Pastor Julie is spending her ending time of Camino in Muxia, Spain, on the Atlantic Ocean—spending time in prayer on the coastal rocks. To read updates and see pictures, go to Julie’s blog on the EPC website, which is Julie is scheduled to return from Spain on July 23. Julie says a big Thank You for all your prayers and encouragement and support. She is deeply grateful.

Pastor Phil (and Julie!) will be taking off next week for vacation and Camino recovery time. Phil will also be traveling to Nampa, Idaho, to lead a Storytelling workshop for a Lutheran congregation. Elder Fred Clary will be leading worship at EPC on July 28. Depending on how exhausted Phil and Julie are at the end of next week, they may take off one additional week (July 29-Aug 4).

Our wonderful and amazing Bible Study is taking a short break until August. Centering Prayer, however, continues to meet each Tuesday at 3pm in the sanctuary with a lively and friendly group.

This summer EPC has been invited along with FPC-SSP and Habitat for Humanity to help build a house on the East Side of St. Paul. The dates are August 6 and August 7. The work day is 8:30–4:00. The web link for this job with FAQs is: Volunteers MUST be there at 8:30 for the Safety briefing. They would like 10 -13 volunteers each day – at least 16 years old. The jobs will include finishing work, like hanging drywall and painting. No experience necessary. There will also be a job for one or two people who are unable to do physically challenging work which will include signing people in, managing tool inventory, setting up lunch, etc. For more information or to sign up, contact Eleta Pierce (email, text or call 612-719-0758).


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